Blockchain Training in Pune

Blockchain Training in Pune


The Blockchain training course at ETLHIVE, Pune is designed strategically to provide immense exposure to the recent trends of Digital Currency and the concept of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency. The course is a comprehensive module on how to create a blockchain, what are the innovations in blockchain technology, how bitcoins are used for transactions, and how this technology has made its mark in the financial and business world.


Blockchain Course Features

One Stop Solution

Ability to attend missed sessions

Certification preparation

Complete documentation

Interview preparation

Resume preparation

Placement assistance


There are no technical prerequisites for this course.

Anyone interested in Bitcoin technology can undergo this training.

We have multiple batches running simultaneously, so if u misses a lecture u can attend it in next lecture.

We have designed our syllabus in such a way that it fits the suitability for HortonWorks certified developer certification.

Yes, we have multiple centers.

Your profile would be evaluated by experts, your resume would be rated and you would start getting calls after completion of your module.

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Blockchain Course Syllabus

Best Blockchain Course In Pune

It is precisely through real-world examples that the candidate will get hands-on experience on how Blockchains can be created through the Mining Methodology and how Bitcoin Wallets and transactions take place through digitization. Not only that the Blockchain and Bitcoin training classes cover these topics but also provide a general overview of the law permissions and other legalities associated with bitcoin technology. As far as the job quotient is concerned, a candidate who completes blockchain and bitcoin training courses invites a large number of job opportunities with salaries as huge as $98,985 PA approximately.

Intended Audience for Blockchain Training

Anyone interested in Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency technologies can opt for the Blockchain training course in Pune. As such, this course is ideal for many entities such as Technologists, Web Developers, Blockchain Engineers, End Users and even Business Owners.

Prerequisites for Blockchain Training

There are no technical prerequisites for the Blockchain training course. Anyone interested in Bitcoin Technology can undergo this training.

Introduction to Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies

  • History of Financial System
  • Barter Economy
  • Gold Economy
  • Paper Gold Economy
  • Cash Economy
  • Digital Economy – Bitcoin
  • Global Blockchain ecosystem
  • Global Cryptocurrencies Ecosystem

1st generation of Blockchain

  • Introduction
  • Why Bitcoin Blockchain was created?
  • What is Bitcoin Blockchain
  • How Bitcoin Blockchain Works
  • Mining
  • Consensus Algorithm
  • Blockchain Explorer
  • Fork
  • Merkle Tree

2nd Generation of Blockchain

  • Introduction
  • What is Ethereum
  • How Ethereum works?
  • Smart Contracts
  • Dapps
  • DAO(Decentralised Autonomous Organisation)

3rd Genetation of Blockchain

  • Challenges for 1st and 2nd Generation of Blockchain
  • IOTA
  • NEO
  • Cardano
  • EOS
  • Ziliqa
  • Quorkchain
  • Comparison between 1st, 2nd and 3rd Generation of Blockchain


  • Mining Ecosystem
  • Hardware Mining
  • ASIC Mining
  • GPU Mining
  • Cloud Mining
  • Mining Business Model
  • How to set up a Mining Farm?

Enterprise Blockchain: Hyperledger - Enterprise Class Blockchain by Linux Foundation

  • what is Hyperlegder
  • Hyperledger Frameworks
  • Hyperledger Sawtooth
  • Hyperledger Iroha
  • Hyperledger Fabric
  • Hyperledger Burrow
  • Hyperledger Indy
  • Hyperledger Tools
  • Hyperledger Caliper
  • Hyperledger Cello
  • Hyperledger Composer
  • Hyperledger  Explorer
  • Hyperledger Quilt
  • Use Cases for Hyperledger

Enterprise Blockchain: R3 Corda

  • What is R3?
  • What is  Corda?
  • Impact of R3 on BFSI Sector
  • Working of R3 Corda
  • Use Cases

Future Trends in Blockchain

  • Emergence of Token Economy
  • Demand and Supply game
  • Future as a reserch point of view
  • Future as an Investment point of view
  • Market trend
  • Blockchain Jobs
  • Impact on businesses and Organization

Trading Cryptocurrencies

  • Global Cryptocurrencies Market
  • Cryptocurrencies Exchanges
  • Centralized Changes
  • Decentralized Changes
  • Keys
  • Cryptocurrencies Wallets
  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Cloud
  • Paper
  • Security
  • Common Scams
  • Regulation around the Globe
Students' Reviews
Abhijit Malode
Abhijit Malode
Read More
At ETLHIVE i think best data sciences class in pune also I would thank madhur sir teaching us well also he covered all doubt while session or after the session.
Sadhna Verma
Sadhna Verma
Read More
I have enrolled for Informatica Developer Course. All the topics were covered as promised on a demo class both practically and theoretically with live examples and project-based scenarios which helped me to upskills myself. Aditya Sir has covered all the topics in detail. He is very supportive and understanding and helped us to clear our doubts.
Sanjog Petkar
Sanjog Petkar
Read More
This is the best place where u will learn from the origin of data to its ever last ending with practical examples of day to day life. Infrastructure and faculty is good. There is no substitution to Vaibhav sir, he is best at its own. The course content is well designed with practicals and everything is covered easily. I would recommend to go for it. The most important thing is here u will not learn the course and start getting job out only, but u will learn how to get trained, test yourself and create a best model of you !!
Simran Kalda
Simran Kalda
Read More
I am glad that a chose to join this institute to learn machine learning. Right from the basics to all important topics were taught thoroughly. Sir has a very friendly nature and all the doubts are cleared properly. Even if you miss classes, your course gets covered in upcoming classes . Also proper revision session is taken and topics will be brushed up.

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