Career Options in Salesforce

Roles and Responsibilities of Salesforce Professionals

Find out the salaries and Job roles of Salesforce Professionals..The scope in this industry is tremendous and you have all the chances to earn well.. Have good salary packages and enjoy your profiles. Check out the facts..

Salesforce Administrator statistics reveal that a Salesforce Administrator earns as much as $115,000!

A salesforce administrator is the sun amongst the planets around which the entire salesforce team revolves. He is a process-oriented thinker who has an expertise in using CRM tools to the best of its potentiality. A salesforce administrator has an in-depth understanding of the software intricacies and knows about almost all the systems and tasks involved in sales salesforce customization. He is a communicator par excellence who makes sure that there is a smooth workflow right from the CEOs to the end users of the process.  He is a well-informed individual, well-versed with CRM Technology, and an efficient project manager.

Salesforce Developer

A Salesforce Developer earns $125,000 for his dynamic skill set and expertise (

Salesforce Developer is the “coding” individual, an expert in developing codes through the use of platform. He is a technical individual, having hands-on experiences in VisualForce and in coding with APEX. As a programmer, he must have a dynamic skill set of various programming languages and of JAVA at its minimum. A salesforce developer coordinates his technical skills with his interpersonal skills that include interacting with the team-mates in order to provide support for defect resolution and quality assurance testing, and communicating with architects, analysts, project managers, and quality control unit members.

Salesforce Architect reports a handsome salary of $135,000 for a Salesforce Architect!

Like a Salesforce Developer, Salesforce Architect has knowledge about platform. A salesforce architect bridges the gap between business requirements and technical solutions. He uses VisualForce and Apex and builds web and mobile interfaces on the platform. A Salesforce architect is an expert in Data Modelling and Data Migration and provides a supportive hand to Salesforce Technical Consultants and other resources. Usually there is a team of salesforce architects working for a chief salesforce architect who specialises in the above mentioned activities.

Salesforce Consultant

A Salesforce Consultant pockets a sum as huge as $110,000 (

Salesforce consultant is a highly sought-after profile. A salesforce consultant has to maintain a balance between the business and technical world. He is the one who works to ensure customer engagement in order to boost sales and generate revenue. At the same time, his skill set is comprehensive to include functional know-how of the platform and of all other CRM based activities. He is largely aware of various Salesforce tools that enable easy and effective implementation of business solutions and allows analysis of the scope of the project and other pre-sales anticipations.

Salesforce Project Manager

Salesforce Project Managers are highly successful with an average salary of $105,000 (

A Salesforce Project Manager ensures effective planning and execution of a project. A project manager has to have an insight into the potential risks in order to come up with good workable solutions before hand and to eliminate errors to ensure easy execution of a project. Since he is an integral part of the entire setup, he should have knowledge about cloud computing and salesforce platform. A project manager tries to find out loopholes and bottlenecks, if any, so that there is no disruption in the workflow. For after all, effective communication and uninterrupted workflow decide the success of a project and ensure delivery before the deadlines.

Salesforce Business Analyst

The salary of a Salesforce Business Analyst is promising enough! Earns $110,000 (

With an exceptional skill set comprising of knowledge of application programming, and database and system design, Salesforce business analysts have created a mark for themselves in the industry. A business analyst can foresee customer business needs, according to which he then proposes certain operational requirements. He is fully aware of the advantages and drawbacks of both legacy and web-based systems, and of all other organizational systems that can directly or indirectly affect the entire process. His skill set also includes knowledge about some noted business solutions and the emerging industry practices. He tries to analyze customer needs in order to extend and negotiate the best deals which ensure customer satisfaction while simultaneously letting Salesforce emerge as one of most trusted platforms for business solutions.

Some other career options which are trending in Salesforce are:


  • Enterprise Account Executives
  • Commercial Account Executives
  • Enterprise Account Managers
  • Sales Representatives
  • Solution Engineers
  • Demo Engineers


  • Technical Architects
  • Success Agents
  • Program Architects
  • Customer Success Specialists
  • Solution Architects


  • Software Engineers
  • Network Engineers
  • System Engineers
  • Infrastructure Engineers
  • Performance Engineers
  • Site Reliability Engineers
Salesforce – A CRM in Demand

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