Corporate Training in Pune

Corporate Training

Corporate Training is no more a matter of choice! It is a neccesity!

Any organization wishing to see its growth double every single day must put efforts towards arranging effective training programs, workshops, and team coaching at regular intervals. Gone are the days when every employer used to spot out an experienced candidate having an exceptional skill set. This has become a thing of past because of the rapidly changing technology. Now-a-days, officials are more concerned about training their existent employees so that they have a pool of efficient and skilled professionals who can take the organizations to the zenith of success!

We are the Masters in Corporate Training Best Corporate Training Institute

We are masters in corporate training.

Check out the facts why we are considered a preferred training partner with a wide range of companies:
    • A Pool of Globally Certified Trainers:
We are a league of globally certified trainers who have been regularly appreciated for their exceptional skill-sets and their dedication and honesty. Most of the trainers have cleared global certifications and they have many years of experience in the training industry.
    • 10 Years of Experience in Corporate Training:
We have more than 10 years of experience in providing exquisite corporate training to varied companies. We are registered vendor especially for BigData Courses such as BigData Hadoop, Data Science, and Informatica.
    • On-site and Offshore Corporate Training Programs:
We have successfully delivered many on-site and offshore corporate training programs in Pune and across the country. Our training faculty has the credit of conducting more than 100 successful corporate training programs across the country.
    •  A PR Team Dedicated to Assess your Training Requirements:
Our PR team corresponds with you regarding training requirements. It assesses every aspect of your training need and customizes learning solutions according to it. It prefers to have an elaborate discussion on a number of variants such as time-slot, budget, course/courses, and even customized packages, if agreed upon.
    • On-time Delivery of Corporate Training to Any Number of Employees:
Since our trainers have many years of experience in providing corporate training, they can handle any number of employees at one point of time. However, to see the other side, it is always suggested that the companies should create smaller groups because we focus on hands-on training sessions which are carried out best when the group does not exceed a limit of 50 employees.
    • We offer Cost-Effective Corporate Training Programs:
Our training programs are tailored specifically to meet your training requirements. However, it is for sure that we provide training programs at relatively lower costs so that you do not hesitate to invest in your employee.
    • Invest in your Employee with the Right Training Partner:
An exquisite corporate training has become mandatory for the success of organizations and this is possible only if you align with the right training development partner. As always, there is a constant need to evaluate the benchmark practices and to proceed with the knowledge of latest techniques. Therefore, there is a need for informative corporate training sessions which become an effective source of learning and development. Such training sessions instill confidence in your employees and provide an insight into the latest developments on the technological front. Having arranged corporate training for your employees you take a step towards having a pool of well informed employees who can compete well with the world around and who can gain a competitive edge over other organizations! Create the Best Opportunities to Help Your Employees Grow and Then Grow with your Highly Efficient Skilled-Up Professionals!
Courses that We Offer for Corporate Training Programs:
Our Corporate Courses are chiefly of two types: Technical Courses and Management Certification Courses. Take a look:

Technical Courses

  • Hadoop Development
  • Data Science
  • R Programming
  • Tableau
  • Python
  • Data Warehousing
  • Selenium
  • Hadoop Administration
  • PL/SQL
  • Linux Administration
  • MEAN Stack
  • Salesforce
  • AngularJS
  • DevOps
  • Spark & Scala

Management Certification Courses

  • PMP
  • Agile Scrum Master
  • ITIL
  • Prince2
  • Six Sigma Green Belt
  • Six Sigma Black Belt
Students' Reviews
Abhijit Malode
Abhijit Malode
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At ETLHIVE i think best data sciences class in pune also I would thank madhur sir teaching us well also he covered all doubt while session or after the session.
Sadhna Verma
Sadhna Verma
Read More
I have enrolled for Informatica Developer Course. All the topics were covered as promised on a demo class both practically and theoretically with live examples and project-based scenarios which helped me to upskills myself. Aditya Sir has covered all the topics in detail. He is very supportive and understanding and helped us to clear our doubts.
Sanjog Petkar
Sanjog Petkar
Read More
This is the best place where u will learn from the origin of data to its ever last ending with practical examples of day to day life. Infrastructure and faculty is good. There is no substitution to Vaibhav sir, he is best at its own. The course content is well designed with practicals and everything is covered easily. I would recommend to go for it. The most important thing is here u will not learn the course and start getting job out only, but u will learn how to get trained, test yourself and create a best model of you !!
Simran Kalda
Simran Kalda
Read More
I am glad that a chose to join this institute to learn machine learning. Right from the basics to all important topics were taught thoroughly. Sir has a very friendly nature and all the doubts are cleared properly. Even if you miss classes, your course gets covered in upcoming classes . Also proper revision session is taken and topics will be brushed up.