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Syllabus for Hadoop Administrator


Hadoop History And Conceptual Understanding

  • Intriduction to Hadoop Ecosystem

  • Hadoop Distributions

  • Available architectures1.0 and 2.0 (YARN)

  • True nature of Hadoop and common Hadoop myths

  • Hadoop challenges with respect to OLTP and real time processin


Planning a Hadoop Cluster and installation

  • Making a choice of Hadoop distribution

  • Cluster capacity planning

  • Choice of Hardware and Platforms.

  • Configuring Rack Topology

  • Installation with Single Node and Multi node system

  • Configuring Multi-tenancy

  • Directory structure of Hadoop and edit logs

  • Benchmarking



Insight on HDFS

  • Hadoop Select Topics (Horizontal scaling, replication, data locality, rack awareness)

  • Daemons with respect to 1.X and 2.X architecture

  • Cluster monitoring and controlling

  • Web-based GUI for Namenode administration

  • Configuring external storage for Hadoop rack



Optimizing Map-Reduce

  • 6-phase operations with Hadoop Map-Reduce

  • Load balancing with respect to bigdata loads.

  • Resource Manager and Application Master

  • MapReduce UI walk through

  • MapReduce configuration

  • Configuration of Job with respect to 1.0 architecture

  • Capacity scheduler, Fair scheduler and FIFO scheduler

  • Some usage tips and tricks

  • Configuring mapreduce to optimize cluster performance


Advanced administration concepts

  • Whereabouts on hardware monitoring and failures

  • Whereabouts on software monitoring and failures

  • Hadoop cluster monitoring

  • Adding and removing servers and upgrading Hadoop

  • Backup, recovery, and business continuity planning

  • Cluster configuration tweaks

  • Hardware maintenance schedule

  • Oozie scheduling for administrators

  • Securing your cluster with Kerberos

  • The future of Hadoop





What our customers say




Q: What if I do not know java and linux?

Ans: We will provide you complete support for java and linux.

Q: Would this course help me for CloudEra Certification?

Ans: We have designed our syllabus in such a way that it fits the suitability for CloudEra certified developer certification.

Q: Would this course help me for HortonWorks Certification?

Ans: We have designed our syllabus in such a way that it fits the suitability for HortonWorks certified developer certification.

Q: What if I miss a lecture?

Ans: We have multiple batches running simultaneously, so if u misses a lecture u can attend it in next lecture.

Q: Do you have multiple centers?

Ans: Yes, we have multiple centers.

Q: Would you provide Job assistance?

Ans: your profile would be evaluated by experts, your resume would be rated and you would start getting calls after completion of your module.

companies that hire


  1. Freshers who have completed their Graduation
  2. Database Developers working with Oracle,Sybase DB2 etc
  3. Mainframe developers working with IBM mainframe or AS400
  4. Application Developers working with JAVA,C# etc
  5. ETL developers (informatica, datastage, cognos, etc)
  6. Testing professionals working with Manual or Automation testing
  7. SAP professionals

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