Make your Professional Journey MEANingful with MEAN!

Significance of MEAN Stack

In the contemporary digital age, web applications are vibrant enough to hypnotize you for a moment. Have you ever thought from where do these applications gain such magnetic powers? It is usually the enthusiastic web developers and mobile app developers who make use of myriad technologies available in the market to make robust applications which are truly engaging and dynamic. One such wondrous stack of technologies is MEAN Stack that makes the entire process of creating smartest web applications much easier and creative. If you wish to carve a niche for yourself in the web application industry, learn MEAN Stack and harness the power of all of its versatile components that gang up together to make MEAN the way it is:

Mean Stack, also called as “Full Stack” combines the best of attributes of its four components, namely MongoDB, Express, AngularJS, and Node.js.


MongoDB is a NoSQL database. The word Mongo is derived from “humongous” literally translated to mean a “huge, tremendous, or monstrous” database. It is also referred to as “not only SQL” which implies that it is above petty restrictions of SQL. As a matter of fact, SQL is imprisoning in its tendencies unlike MongoDB. MongoDB uses JSON documents for data storage and it excels every other traditional relational database in terms of scalability, performance, availability, and capacity.


A competent server-side MVC framework, Express.js is credited with excellence in providing simple user interface that enables easy REST route and cookie handling. It has eventually emerged as one of the most popular frameworks that assists in the easy development of robust web applications. It is an HTTP server framework par excellence that collaborates well with all other components of the MEAN Stack to facilitate the process of creating web applications.


AngularJS with its commendable versatility and extensibility has outshined every other JavaScript framework such as knockout, note, or jquery. A Google product, AngularJS makes use of its exclusive data binding and dependency injection features and succeeds in making client-side development quick and effective. With dependency injection, it becomes easier to split data into manageable chunks thereby paving way for easy coding and testing. Further, the capacity to extend HTML vocabulary facilitates creation of dynamic user interfaces.


Node.js is a JavaScript environment with excellent event-driven architecture. It is leading the race and is apparently leaving PHP behind. The Node.js Package Manager (Npm) eases out the processes of coding. It is indeed swift and offers Turing-complete mechanism for easy and faster programming, hence lending help for building highly scalable web applications.

Since MEAN Stack is an effective amalgamation of the four components, it is scaling heights and whosoever is competent in MongoDB, Express, AngularJS, and Node.js is succeeding in developing vibrant web applications along with initiating rock-solid front-end and back-end support. Knowledge of MEAN Stack or Full Stack, as it is called, will enable you to gain an expertise on all the four components, along with an elaborate understanding of how these elements combine to form the best solution for creating web applications.

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