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Core Java Course in Pune

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Course highlights:

Core Java is the foundation of Java programming and covers the essential concepts and skills needed to develop Java applications. It includes object-oriented programming (OOP), Java syntax and data types, control structures and loops, exception handling, Java input/output (I/O) and file handling, collections framework, multithreading and concurrency, networking and socket programming in Java, JDBC (Java Database Connectivity), and GUI (Graphical User Interface) development using Swing or JavaFX.

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About Core Java course

What is Core Java?

The main idea of anything is referred to as “core,” whereas the fundamental idea of the Java programming language is referred to as “Core Java.” As is common knowledge, one of the most popular and widely used programming languages is Java, and a beginner should start with Core Java and work their way up to Advance Java. The object-oriented programming (OOPs) paradigm is the foundation of the general-purpose Java programming language. The ocean of Java is too deep to explore; that is, the more you understand, the deeper it gets. Programming with Java is a strong, cross-platform language. Java adheres to the Write Once, Run Anywhere (WORA) paradigm. The programming language is clear-cut and easy to understand.

Concepts Covered in Core Java

Some of the most crucial Java fundamentals for a beginner to understand are as follows:

Java Foundations
Ideas for OOPs
Exception Handling Packages Collections Overloading and Overriding Inheritance using Interface and Abstract Class
Swings and Applets in Multithreading
Database Connections with JDBC

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  • What is Java?
  • History and Features of Java
  • C++ vs. Java
  • Hello Java Program
  • Internal How to set the path?
  • JDK, JRE, and JVM (Java Virtual Machine)
  • JVM Memory Management
  • Internal Details of JVM
  • Unicode System, Operators, Keywords, and Control Statements like if-else, switch, for loop, and while
  • Naming conventions of Java
  • Classes, objects, and features
  • Object declaration and initialization
  • The life cycle of an object
  • Anonymous object in Java
  • How to declare a package in a company project
  • Package naming conventions
  • Sub packages
  • Types of packages such as user-defined packages, built-in packages
  • Importing packages in Java
  • Data types in Java
  • Primitive data types
  • Non-primitive data types
  • Memory allocation of primitive and non-primitive data types
  • Variable declaration and initialization
  • Naming convention
  • Types of variables such as local variables, instance variables, and static variables
  • Scope and memory allocation of variables
  • Methods in Java
  • Use of method in Java
  • Method declaration, the method signature
  • Types of methods in Java: predefined method, user-defined methods: instance method, static method
  • Calling of method
  • Java main method
  • Return type in Java
  • What is Constructor in Java?
  • Types of Constructors: Default and parameterized constructors
  • Java constructor overloading
  • Constructor chaining in java
  • Copy constructor in Java
  • What are an Access modifier ad a non-access modifier in Java?
  • Types of access modifiers like private, default, protected, and public
  • Types of non-access modifiers like abstract, final, native, static, strictfp, synchronized modifier, transient, and volatile.
  • What is Static Keyword
  • Static variable
  • Static method
  • Static block, instance block
  • Static Nested Class in Java
  • Difference between static variable and instance variable, static method, an instance method, static block, and instance block
  • What is Inner Class in Java?
  • Types of Inner class in Java
  • Super Keyword
  • Calling of superclass instance variable
  • Superclass constructor
  • Superclass method

Frequently asked questions

OOPS, concepts (Data Abstraction, Encapsulation, Inheritance, Polymorphism) Basic Java constructs like loops and data types. String handling. Collection framework.

There are three main components of Java language: JVM, JRE, and JDK. Java Virtual Machine, Java Runtime Environment, and Java Development Kit respectively.

Java is one of the most popular programming languages, and companies big and small use it in their tech stacks thanks to its speed and reliability. Check Uber, Netflix, Spotify, Google, and Amazon – each of these household names uses Java. Hence, Java developers are in high demand

Advanced Java is a programming language that is used to create corporate applications.

Java Fundamentals
OOPs Concepts
Overloading & Overriding
Inheritance with Interface and Abstract Class
Exception Handling

There is no certain limit to what you can develop and discover by learning a new programming language. Which course you are planning to pursue in the upcoming intake? Let us know in the comment section below. Stay tuned to Leverage Edu for the latest updates around the trending courses.

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