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Etlhive offers Data Science Course in Pune, includes detail Data science, Data analytics courses for IT & NON IT background students

We have wide range of tools frequently used for Data Analytics. As a part of this Data science training in Pune, we teach Data Science, Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence will be taught to you in a detailed manner. Primary goal is for students to develop ability to crack interviews for Data Science positions.

Course highlights:

Microsoft offers Power BI, a technology-driven business intelligence application for presenting actionable information by analyzing and displaying raw data. To assist a company in making data-driven decisions, it integrates best practices, data visualization, and business analytics. The interactive UI/UX, Excel connectivity, real-time stream analytics, and other capabilities of Power BI are only a few of the aspects that contribute to its widespread popularity and high demand. You will also comprehend the many parts of Power BI, its services, dashboard, and much more in our Power BI tutorial. Thus, get started on your business intelligence profession by studying the Power BI tutorial right away.
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About Power BI course

What is Power BI?

Microsoft offers a strong business analytics tool called Power BI. It offers end users an easy-to-use interface and interactive visuals to help them extract insightful information from data. To assist you in finding patterns in data, Power BI offers you charts, diagrams, graphs, and other graphics in place of straightforward rows and columns. You will discover the fundamentals of Power BI, its architecture and components, and a significant case study on Meijer in this Power BI tutorial.

Why Learn Power BI?

There are many reasons why you should learn Power BI. Here are a few of the most important:

  • Power BI is a powerful tool for data visualization and analysis. It can help you to create clear, concise, and visually appealing reports and dashboards that can be used to communicate insights to others.
  • Power BI is easy to use. Even if you don’t have a background in data analysis, you can learn to use Power BI to create sophisticated reports and dashboards.
  • Power BI is affordable. There are a number of different Power BI pricing options, so you can find a plan that fits your needs.
  • Power BI is integrated with other Microsoft products. If you already use Microsoft products like Excel, SharePoint, and Teams, you’ll find that Power BI integrates seamlessly with these products.
  • Power BI is in high demand. The demand for Power BI skills is growing rapidly. By learning Power BI, you can make yourself more marketable to potential employers.
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  • Data Transformation
  • Shape and Transform the Data
  • Overview of Power
  • Query ( Power Query Editor)
  • Ribbons( Home, Transform,, Add, Column)
  • The Queries Pane And the Formula Bar
  • Saving Works
  • Data Types
  • Filtering the Column
  • Filtering Text Filter
  • Filtering Number Filter
  • Removing Column,
  • Renaming Column
  • Adding the Column,
  • Merge Column, PIVOT
  • Transpose, Removing Rows
  • Removing Duplicates,
  • Removing Blank Rows
  • DAX, Calculated Column, Measures
  • DAX Table and Column
  • Creating Calculated
  • Column & Creating Measure
  • Column Vs Measures
  • Arithmetic Operators
  • Date Functions( Year, Day, Time, Date, DateDiff, Now)
  • Logical Function(IFELSE,OR,AND,IN)
  • Grouping The Values
    Sorting the Visuals
  • Visualizing Data
  • Create Chart bar and column Chart
  • Creating Stack Chart,Horizontal Chart
    clustering chart formatting cluster charts
    Pie Chart, Formatting Donut Chart
    Line Chart, Area Chart
    Combo Chart
  • LIVE Page Dashboard
  • Advantage Dashboard
  • Formatting Dashboard
  • Interacting Dashboard
  • Sharing Dashboard

Frequently asked questions

Because Power BI provides an easy way for anyone, including non-technical people, to connect, change, and visualize their raw business data from many different sources and turn it into valuable data that makes it easy to make smart business decisions.

The term “Filter” is self-explanatory. Filters are mathematical and logical conditions applied to data to filter out essential information in rows and columns. The following are the variety of filters available in Power BI:

  • Manual filters
  • Auto filters
  • Include/Exclude filters
  • Drill-down filters
  • Cross Drill filters
  • Drillthrough filters
  • Drillthrough filters
  • URL filters–transient
  • Pass-Through filters

Some of the advantages of using Power BI:

  • It helps build an interactable data visualization in data centers
  • It allows users to transform data into visuals and share them with anyone
  • It establishes a connection for Excel queries and dashboards for fast analysis
  • It provides quick and accurate solutions
  • It enables users to perform queries on reports using simple English words 

There are three main connectivity modes used in Power BI.

SQL Server Import
An SQL Server Import is the default and most common connectivity type used in Power BI. It allows you to use the full capabilities of the Power BI Desktop.

Direct Query
The Direct Query connection type is only available when you connect to specific data sources. In this connectivity type, Power BI will only store the metadata of the underlying data and not the actual data.

Live Connection
With this connectivity type, it does not store data in the Power BI model. All interaction with a report using a Live Connection will directly query the existing Analysis Services model. There are only 3 data sources that support the live connection method – SQL Server Analysis Services (Tabular models and Multidimensional Cubes), Azure Analysis Services (Tabular Models), and Power BI Datasets hosted in the Power BI Service.

The following are the standard or built-in data types in Python:

Numeric: The numeric data type in Python represents the data that has a numeric value. A numeric value can be an integer, a floating number, a Boolean, or even a complex number.
Sequence Type: The sequence Data Type in Python is the ordered collection of similar or different data types. There are several sequence types in Python:
Python String
Python List
Python Tuple
Python range
Mapping Types: In Python, hashable data can be mapped to random objects using a mapping object. There is currently only one common mapping type, the dictionary, and mapping objects are mutable.
Python Dictionary
Set Types: In Python, a Set is an unordered collection of data types that is iterable, mutable, and has no duplicate elements. The order of elements in a set is undefined though it may consist of various elements.

Most of the time, power BI gets assisted by the cloud to store the data. Power BI can use a desktop service. Microsoft Azure is used as the primary cloud service to store the data.

  • Azure SQL Database
  • Azure Blob Storage

Various companies have certifications available for these kind of programs:

AWS Certified Machine Learning – Specialty certification
Professional Data Engineer Certification(Google)
Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate
Microsoft Certified: Azure Data Scientist Associate
Data science professionals(IBM)
and the list goes on.

Graduation in any stream, Freshers or working professionals who either wish to start their career as a Python or wish to switch from their previous profile into mainstream analytics.

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