PYTHON: The Most Popular Coding Language

Python: The Most Popular Coding Language

Python: 3rd Largest Meetup Community

Python: 4th Most-Used Language at GitHub

Python: 5th Largest StackOverflow Community

Python: Skill Set in High Demand

Python: Python Professionals earn as much as $120,000

Are you still trying to gauge the significance of Python Programming Language? If yes, go through the following points and you will realise why it is considered as one of the most favourable programming languages


Python guarantees freedom from the curly braces that usually embrace your code and make it difficult for programmers to stick to certain limiting rules. However, it does not imply that it will throw you in a vast limbo without any rules to follow. It provides a set of rules which are in their own way, easy to understand and follow. It offers PEP 8 set of rules to Python developers which they use extensively while formatting their codes.

Easy Learning: 

This programming language is not a hard nut to crack. A seasoned professional or a novice, both can learn it at any point of their careers. Having been independent of curly braces and variable declarations, Python is easy to learn and master. There are stark differences between codes written in Python and those written in other programming languages such as JavaScript, C++, C#, Perl or Ruby. Codes in Python are relatively shorter and crisp against the longer and complex codes of other languages. Devoid of complex coding, it is fun to learn and employ. Elisabeth Brier from Techday writes in her news post titled “The Most Common Coding Languages All Entrepreneurs Should Be Familiar With”

Python has recently knocked Java as the language of choice for intro programming courses. Eight out of the ten top computer science departments now use Python to teach coding, as well as 27 of the other leading 39 schools.


Python has traversed quite a long journey to reach its zenith, in its near future, if not now. Having been there for almost 20 years, Python has extensive library. There is elaborate data available on image manipulation, server automation, scientific calculations, and on other meaningful insights. A Python developer seeking solutions to programming or scripting issues may use such libraries for solutions. Python Libraries will surely be a source of beneficial guidance for it has stored multiple use cases and workable solutions.


Larger the community, greater are the prospects of a product to be successful. Python has a large community in its support and this has emerged as another reason why Python Developers have so many success stories to tell. The scope of help almost doubles with larger communities. Python Developers keep on sharing their newly accumulated storehouse of knowledge with other resources which facilitates all kinds of development processes.

Object-Oriented Language:

Python is an Object-Oriented Language like other object-oriented languages such as JavaScript, C++, C#, Ruby, and Pearl, but unlike these languages, Python makes scripting and coding much easier than other languages. This has become one of the primary reasons why Python is emerging as the primary choice of almost all the software developers.

Supports Multiple Actions:

Python has many functions to its credit. It is used extensively for multiple functions such as Backend Web development, data analysis, artificial intelligence, and scientific computing.


As a matter of fact, Python has large libraries and large communities. Python libraries are replete with excellent tools that Python developers have been developing since its inception. With inherent excellent Organization and architecture, with so many good tools in hand, and with an excellent source of knowledge at your disposal, you will surely be able to learn and master Python and climb the ladders of success.

Python has many qualities to its credit such as it is ideal for beginners, it is equally liked and used by professionals, it reduces complex coding, and it works well on Windows, Linux, and Mac. Having foreseen its rising popularity, ETLhive has devised an elaborate course on Python, covering all the significant aspects of Python such as Python Data Types, Error Handling Techniques, Object-Oriented Programming, Error Debugging, Project Skeletons, Machine Learning, Scikit, Hadoop and Python. With the knowledge of this Programming Language, you will gain a sought-after tag in the IT industry. Join ETLhive for the best training course in Python and you will be able to master Python for your own good and for a successful professional journey.