Rating : 4/5 According to me, it is always necessary to upgrade your skills with the passage of time. I took training with the same perspective in mind. I really benefited so much from training in Python from Etlhive. I am happy that many new opportunities are coming my way now. Thanks

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(26th MARCH DEMO (P.SAUDAGAR) -Data Science-6:00PM ,(25th MARCH DEMO (P.SAUDAGAR) | Hadoop-5.30PM | Etl-3:00PM | AngularJS-11.00AM | (NALSTOP) (25th MARCH DEMO -Hadoop-11.00AM |ETL Informatica-4.00PM,Data Science-12.30PM | AngularJS-11.00AM | 22 nd March -jAVA 11.30 AM