Value and Significance of PMP Certification


Wish to know value of PMP Certification?

Check out the following fact:

PWC, a multinational professional services and consultancy firm, points out the fact that “higher-performing projects are significantly more likely to be staffed with certified project managers & 80 percent of projects classified as high-performing use a certified project manager”

Not only this..

Project Managers who are PMP Certified have an edge over their non-certified peers. Find out how?

PMP Certified Project Managers are synonymous to valuable assets

A PMP certified project manager is a guarantee of unbeatable knowledge and expertise in the field of project management. It is likely that an individual holding a certification is believed to possess more knowledge about the project processes. However, it does not imply that a non-certified project management professional lacks the required skill set. All he needs to do is to take a certification in order to lend validity to his knowledge.

A Certified Project Management Professional is a means to better Project Management..

Research has shown that projects managed by Certified Project Management Professionals are highly successful. Such projects are carried out exceptionally well because of the better understanding and executive abilities of the Certified professionals. PMP Certification and Training will expose you to all such qualities which a successful PMP Certified Professional possesses. This may include extensive training on project management standards, techniques, best practices, current trends, and other project management activities. Knowledge on all such paradigms will help you clear the certification and the certification in turn may add tangibility to your project management credentials

A Certified Professional is well-versed with the Project Management “Common Language”

Terminology plays an important role in any industry. As a matter of fact, a certified professional is always aware of the common language and standard processes of project management. A team of certified professionals will always be able to save time and energy by not elaborating upon certain concepts and topics. Every member of the team will be able to understand terminology or the common language in a single strike. Only a non-certified peer would have to face all the trouble understanding such a terminology. Hence, there is a need to know the language that certified professionals know.

Having Real-Time Experience? Certify such a rich experience with a PMP Certification

There is nothing more significant than real-time experiences. A non-certified project management professional having many years of real-time experiences is generally unbeatable in terms of expertise. However, the global market trends suggest that certified professionals tend to overshadow such experienced individuals in the matters of selection. IBM states that certified professionals are preferred to the non-certified professionals, even if there is no concrete logic in this practice. Therefore, if you are a non-certified project management professional with years of real-time experiences, take the PMP certification and become visible to the employers around. The ball is certainly in your court then!

High on Performance Indices, High on Salary Scale, High on Opportunities…

A somewhat apparent fact it is! If you earn a global certification, it is likely that you will open doors to the highest level of success for yourself. As per the statistical data, certified professionals have many golden opportunities in store for them. They pocket handsome salaries and they are evaluated higher on performance indices. However, this cannot be counted as a simple bias towards certified professionals. The logic is that certified professionals are usually more aware of the intricacies of project management and because of the certification and the allied learning process they develop an exceptional ability to carry out such processes.

Have a look at the following facts and figures:

Average Salary of a PMP Certified Professionals in US

Average Salary of a PMP Certified Professional in India

Last but not the Least… Make your Resume Attractive…Make Maximum of the Market Trends…

The mere mention of the PMP Certification in your resume will reap benefits. Employers generally look for certified candidates because of the assumption that such candidates are experts in planning and executing projects across functional teams. It has also been noticed that many employers value certifications more than academic achievements. Therefore, a PMP Certification and Training will double your chances to be employed with the best of firms. Further, the market is replete with thousands of vacancies for project management professionals. Since project management professionals are hired in multiple sectors such as IT, Finance, Pharmacy, Defence, and Aerospace, there is an undying scope for efficient and certified project management professionals.

Where to undergo training for PMP Certification?

There are number of ways to gather knowledge about Project Management. The best way is to undergo training at a well established training institute near you. If you consider taking classes for PMP Certification Training, ETLhive training institute is the best and the most acclaimed training institute. The PMP Certification Training Course at ETLhive provides detailed knowledge on Project Management Framework, Project Management Processes, Project Integration Management, Project Scope, Cost, Time, Quality Management, and many more. The course enables you gain expertise in managing, executing, and delivering projects. Such a knowledge and hands-on experience will help you clear the PMP Certification Exam with flying colors! By choosing ETLhive, you choose the best for yourself!